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Nov 11, 2012 6:00am EST
whether it is the cairo speech he delivered in 2009 or your repeated at important declarations on prevention of the iranian nuclear capability, actions matter most. do not mistake the former for the latter. i have to step out of my role for a moment because as an historian, today is the anniversary of my favorite ever presidential statement on the middle east. 70 years ago today, president franklin delano roosevelt issued the following statement to the peoples of the middle east -- imagine a president saying this -- "praise be done to you under god the compassionate and made the blessing of god be upon you. this is a great deal for you because behold, we, the american holy warriors have arrived. we have come here to fight the great jihad of freedom. we have come to set you free. today is the 70th anniversary of the landing on north africa. imagine an american president praising the great jihad of american freedom. we don't remember that because of words matter so much less than actions. all right, if those are three broad lessons, what are the three most urgent issues of your a
Nov 17, 2012 10:00am EST
with the larry schwartz issue in cairo. we have seen its elsewhere too. we have seen a lot of efforts on the embassy and in iraq and bahrain. facebook walls are a base for true conversation. one of the things you emphasized was public diplomacy 2.0. that is something that has become ingrained and is growing. we see robert ford or others, how do we use social media in a way that is affected public diplomacy but is not bad diplomacy? >> this is something they have done well. there were definitely foul ups there. the way the state department has done it works pretty well. people are encouraged to tweet and to use facebook. their courage to say thinks that run contrary to u.s. policy. the key is thought to have a layer of people that are looking over your shoulder all the time but to give autonomy to people out there doing the tweaking. i really think this is revolutionary. one of the reasons i strongly believe that we need more public diplomacy is because at a time of tight budgets it is the most cost-effective way to achieve those natural interest goals that i talked about. it is amazin
Nov 25, 2012 6:30pm EST
who was taking pictures of some big event in cairo. we knew exactly, joe musruv of cbs was taking that picture and you knew that it was an objective look at what was happening at that time. i don't have any feel for that at all today. i don't know who's taking the pictures. i don't know that they're even working for a network. they may be working for some small outfit hired by the network because the network doesn't want to bring in its own cameraman who will have to pay too much. >> if you watch more than one news h cast in an evening, notice the number of times you will see precisely the same video on all three networks when it comes from overseas, in large measure because the networks don't have their own reporters, don't have their own camera people over there anymore and they have bought is all from the same single source. point number two, what is wrong, after all, with having a local reporter covering the event, the local reporter, after all, speaks the language, knows the people. well, let's say that local reporter is reporting from tehran and that local reporter knows tha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3